Rent Our Theater

  • 30 people maximum

  • **To ensure your safety participants will wear masks, wipedown of all surfaces down with disinfectant before and after each event, supply hand sanitizer, and air out our facility with open doors and fans between events.**

  • Free-play on pinball, air-hockey , arcade games, and retro video game station, jukebox

  • 30 authentic movie theater seats

  • Outside food and drinks allowed, adult beverages allowed (beer, wine, etc)

  • FREE popcorn included (gluten-free/vegan safe)

  • Full use of projector, sound system, laptop, BluRay/DVD player, VHS player, Internet  + WiFI

  • Full use of outside rear deck and yard for outdoor events

  • Rental is $85/ hour (minimum 2 hours)

  • Non-profit, educational institutions, youth groups and senior living groups, $65/hr (discounted) email us for details

  • Tables provided for food/setup, diner booths in lobby, eating permitted in theater.

* HTC VIVE Virtual reality setup is available for use during your event (on request beforehand) and is hooked to projector for everyone to watch as well.